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The Status of the Aegean Sea
According to International Law

Angelos Syrigos

All relations between states are characterized either by their conformity to codes of conduct, the most widely accepted of which is what has come to be known as international law, or by force (or the threat of its use).
The Aegean Sea, a key waterway not only between states, but also between regions and continents, is an area where the commitment of states to lawful behavior presently is being tested. Interests, not only of the nations contiguous to the Aegean, but also of the major players on the world stage, will be affected (as they have been through history) by the way disputes relating to this sea's status are resolved or otherwise played out.
It is not an exaggeration to note that the stability of the international system may be profoundly affected by this outcome.
In this book Angelos Syrigos, a Greek scholar and jurist, outlines the status of key legal issues relating to the Aegean Sea. Syrigos's exhaustive treatment provides the background of the treaties and decisions that constitute the limits of international law in that setting.
Contrary to perceptions cultivated in the press and elsewhere, most Aegean issues are quite clearly defined, while very few are the subject of serious legal controversy.
The Status of the Aegean Sea According to International Law therefore should provide a handbook not only for legal practitioners but also for policy professionals and scholars. As such it should become a guide for those in the international community who reject the use of force in the resolution of disputes, but who seek instead to reinforce the stability of the international system by resolving them through recourse to existing legal foundations.

Angelos Syrigos is a legal scholar and practicing attorney based in Athens. He contributes regularly to scholarly periodicals and to more general publications on subjects relating to international law and policy studies.

500 pages. SBN 582-7, sewn soft covers, $50 ($60 after November 30, 1998)
(North American orders only)

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Founded on Freedom and Virtue
Documents Illustrating American Support of the Greek War of Independence

Edited by C. G. Hatzidimitriou

For Greeks who rebelled seeking their independence from the Ottoman Empire, the United States provided a model for a republican constitutional polity. Early Greek parliamentary bodies, seeking to create constitutional documents, actively sought advice and other support from American political bodies and intellectuals.
The response in the United States to the efforts of the Greeks to free themselves was enthusiastic. Once information reached the young republic on the motivations of the Greeks and the brutality of the Turkish response, prominent men such as Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, Daniel Webster, Henry Clay, Albert Gallatin, the French hero of the American revolution Lafayette, the young congressman Sam Houston, and many others, were moved to speak and to act in support of Greek independence.
Founded on Freedom and Virtue is a collection of contemporary official and unofficial documents tracing the various currents of the American response.

384 pages, illustrated, 572-X, clothbound, $45, 581-9, paperback, $30

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Greeks in English-Speaking Countries

Culture, Identity, Politics

Edited by Christos P. Ioannides

The book takes its title from a pioneering conference that was organized by the Speros Basil Vryonis Center for the Study of Hellenism, co-sponsored by the Hellenic Studies Forum, Melbourne, Australia, in cooperation with the Hellenic Studies Institute of South Australia, Adelaide and the Humanities Department of California State University, Sacramento. It was held in Sacramento in 1994.
The essays gathered in this volume cover a broad range of subjects and are grouped under the following themes: Greek ethnicity and culture in English-speaking countries; Hellenism and Greek Orthodoxy in the diaspora-toward convergence or divergence; education and Greek identity; Greek diaspora women in the1990s-beyond the kale noikokyra (good housewife) image; linkages between the diaspora and Greece; the sense of "Greekness" in literature and the arts among the diaspora Greeks; politics and the diaspora.
The latter category covers the following sub-themes: the Cyprus and Macedonian issues and diaspora political activism; Greeks in politics in the U. S.and Australia.

Approx 600 pages, SBN 568-1, $60, clothbound
Hellenism: Ancient,
Mediaeval, Modern, 24

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The Greeks in the United States

Theodore Saloutos

Originally published in 1964, this book was the first comprehensive and balanced study of Greek immigrants. A work of impeccable scholarship, the book is based on a thorough examination of archives, newspapers, and other important sources.
The author begins with a description of the political, cultural and social conditions in Greece which led to the migration of thousands. He examines their experiences in their new country and explores their attempts to adjust to a new and different culture. The effect of two world wars and the erosion of Hellenic sentiment are among the themes examined in this ground-breaking book.

xiv + 445 pages, 13 illustrations, SBN 543-6, paperback, $30
Hellenism: Ancient, Mediaeval, Modern, 19

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Related backlist title

The Greek Community of New York City: Early Years to 1910

Michael Contopoulos

This study covers the period between 1830 and 1910. During this time basic institutions such as the church, fraternal associations and newspapers were established. The decade ending in 1910 saw the greatest Greek immigration to the United States. The same year also closed a period of political vacillation and instability in Greece [from the author's preface].

xvi + 232 pages, SBN 518-5, clothbound, $40
Hellenism: Ancient,
Mediaeval, Modern, 11

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The Rediscovery of Greece
Travellers and Painters of the Romantic Era

Fani-Maria Tsigakou

Introduction by Sir Steven Runciman

"A beautiful survey of art and writings of European travellers in 19th-century Greece . . . Picturesque in its very essence, this is also a work of original scholarship in the best sense, rearranging scattered and unknown materials in a way that revitalizes our sense of the past."
-The New York Times Book Review

208 pages, 173 illustrations (30 color), SBN 354-9, clothbound, $60

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Faces and Facets
The Jews of Greece

Photographs by Morrie Camhi

Introduction by Nikos Stavroulakis

Morrie Camhi, a distinguished photographer and descendant of Greek Sephardic Jews, visited Greece and produced portraits of some of the members of that community. His subjects are depicted in the context of their daily lives. As such, the images constitute exquisite historical documents. They are reproduced by a duotone process so as to maintain the quality of the original photographs.
Nikos Stavroulakis is the former curator of the Jewish Museum, Athens.

144 pages (large quarto), 80 duotone photographs, SBN 533-9, clothbound, $60

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In Turkey's Image
The Transformation of Occupied Cyprus into a Turkish Province

Christos P. Ioannides

"A meticulous culling of information illustrating the systematic Turkish colonization of the areas of Cyprus that have been under its occupation since the invasion of 1974 . . . The major conclusion of the book is that Turkification, under the tutelage of the Turkish military, has severely undermined the autonomy of Turkish Cypriots and may well destroy their distinctive identity, thereby eliminating any serious possibility of reuniting the divided island republic . . . In Turkey's Image is an unusually formidable contribution by a fine Greek Cypriot scholar . . ."
- Choice

xii + 254 pages illustrated, SBN 509-6, clothbound, $30
Subsidia Balcanica, Islamica & Turcica, 4

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Lost Opportunities
The Cyprus Question, 1950-1963

Evangelos Averoff-Tossizza

Translated by Timothy Cullen and Susan Kyriakides

". . . a skillful and persuasive account of his national point of view. . . [the book] greatly enlarges the scope for serious discussion . . .based on copious new documentation."- The Times Literary Supplement

viii + 440 pages, 10 halftones, SBN 389-1, clothbound, $30

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Nationalism and Communism in Macedonia
Civil Conflict, Politics of Mutation, National Identity

Evangelos Kofos

"This excellent book provides a clear, well-written and objective account of the Macedonian problem from about 1870 onwards. . . Illuminating and detailed study of the Macedonian problem . " - History Magazine

xxi + 336 pages, SBN 540-1, clothbound, $40
Hellenism: Ancient, Mediaeval, Modern, 12

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The Greeks and the Sea

Edited by Speros Basil Vryonis

A compendium of essays presented at the first Alexander Onassis Center Biennial Conference on Hellenism, held in honor of Robert Browning, the first recipient of the Gold Medal for excellence in Hellenic studies. It is the first concise study of the relationship between the sea and the Greeks from antiquity through modern times.
Section I deals with the maritime phenomenon from archaic Greece to Graeco-Roman trade in the Indian Ocean. Section II covers Byzantine traders and their effect on Byzantium, and Section III includes essays on the Greek Diaspora in the Mediterranean and Black Sea (1815-1861), and the post-war emergenceof the Greeks as the foremost merchant mariners in the world. This volume provides a fascinating examination of an aspect of Greek culture that is as profound as it is far-reaching.

224 pages, 33 illustrations, SBN 521-5, clothbound, $65
Hellenism: Ancient, Mediaeval, Modern, 18

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