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Aristide D. Caratzas, Publisher
Melissa International Publications, Ltd.

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575 Scarsdale Road, Crestwood, NY 10707-1677, USA
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A Greek-English Dictionary
"A" ( Alpha )

Compiled and Edited by
Demetrius J. Georgacas

Publication Director
John N. Kazazis

This is the first volume of the monumental lexicon of modern Greek compiled and edited by Prof. Georgacas (+1990), the publication of which is now being directed by the Greek Language Centre in Thessalonica. It contains approximately 65,000 entries or about one-sixth of the entire corpus of about 400,000 entries. The publication of the volumes covering the remainder of the alphabet is projected to follow as the editing of each volume is being completed.

The Modern Greek-English Dictionary is a unique work in the annals of modern Greek lexicography in the sense that it is based entirely on primary research (all other modern Greek dictionaries are based in their greatest part on previous lexica). Prof. Georgacas and his associates compiled the 2.5 million citations on which are based this volume and those that will follow.

Approx. 1750 pages, SBN 600-9, clothbound, $100

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Readings in Modern Greek Literature

Helen Dendrinou Kolias

Readings in Modern Greek Literature was prepared in response to a lack of available texts for a course in modern Greek literature at the college level. It has been prepared with the college student in mind and is intended to be used as a textbook at the intermediate/advanced level of modern Greek and to function as an introduction to modern Greek literature.

It consists of selections and excerpts from the work of Dionysios Solomos, Elisavet Moutzan-Martinengou, Marianna Ainou-Koutouzi, C. P. Cavafy, Nikos Kazantzakis, Yannis Ritsos, George Seferis, Dimitris Psathas, Odysseas Elytis, Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke, Kiki Demoula, Jenny Mastoraki, and Eugenia Fakinou, which were chosen to challenge but not to overwhelm students who have had at least three semesters of college Modern Greek or the equivalent.To make them accessible to students at this level of language learning, the readings are accompanied by vocabulary lists, biographical notes on the authors, historical notes, and notes on usage, grammar, and context.

The theoretical justification for this book lies in the author's belief that literature is not separate from language but a manifestation of language within specific cultural contexts, and, therefore, the reading of literature should not be an activity only for the initiated few who have survived through language classes but for all students of language. On the practical level, literature provides us with ready-made scenarios for expanding vocabulary, for role playing, for showing cultural practices and peculiarities, for pointing out nuances in meaning, and for familiarizing the student with contextual situations that determine the appropriateness and use of words, expressions, and ways of communicating. Furthermore, literature provides us with texts to be used as a focus for class discussion and for writing.

Approx. 356 pages, SBN 589-4, paperback, $30

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C. P. Cavafy

Christopher Robinson

A sketch of the milieu, and a study of the style of one of the century's greatest poets."Clear, concise and remarkably well written."- Choice

112 pages, SBN 469-3, clothbound, $25, SBN 470-7, paperback, $16

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Greek Folk Songs

Niki Watts

"Even those unacquainted with Modern Greek are likely to derive considerable enjoyment from this study of the origin and development of this form of culture."
- The Linguist

112 pages, SBN 467-7, clothbound, $25, SBN 468-5, paperback, $16

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Dionysios Solomos

Peter Mackridge

A study of both thematic and formal aspects of the poet's work, including its rhetorical context."Mackridge writes with verve, firmness, exactitude, and authority."
- Choice

114 pages, SBN 487-1, clothbound, $25, SBN 488-X, paperback, $16

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The Development of the Greek Language

Wendy Moleas

An historical survey, tracing its ancient beginnings through the Mediaeval and modern periods.

118 pages, SBN 485-5, clothbound, $25, SBN 486-3, paperback, $16

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Nikos Kazantzakis-Novelist

Peter Bien

A survey of the later works of the writer's career, focusing on his major novels.

115 pages, SBN 483-9, clothbound, $25, SBN 484-7, paperback, $16

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David Holton

An introductory study of the Greek 17th century Veneto-Cretan romance.

viii + 88 pages, SBN 529-0, clothbound, $25

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George Seferis

Roderick Beaton

A new survey of the work and context of one of the century's leading poets.

xii + 130 pages, SBN 527-4, clothbound, $25

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Selected Love Distichs of Crete

Stylianos V. Spyridakis

The Cretan mantinades belong to a common genre of popular folk poetry consisting of fifteen-syllable verses arranged in rhyming distichs or couplets, found throughout the continental and insular Greek world.
The mantinades are products of a long tradition going back to the Venetian Renaissance period of Crete's past and beyond to Byzantium and antiquity, for Cretan society has been proverbially conservative since ancient times.
Today, the mantinades are still improvised and sung on festive occasions: celebrations, weddings, baptisms, village festivals and panegyria of all kinds.
In this first publication of the love distichs in English, Professor Spyridakis has collected 250 mantinades and has arranged them under themes such as "Love," "Pain of Love," "Heart," "Beauty," "Eyes," and "Kisses." His edition includes the Greek text with a facing English translation. An introduction and a glossary round out the book.

160 pages, SBN 577-0, clothbound, $25
Hellenism: Ancient,
Mediaeval, Modern, 23

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The Beggar

Andreas Karkavitsas

Translated and annotated by William F. Wyatt
with an appendix by P. D. Mastrodemetres

In this first translation into English of one of Karkavitsas's major works, the reader is presented with a vivid picture of life in a nineteenth-century Greek village. The novel represents both an artistic achievement and stark social commentary. The translation is elegantly simple and the annotations are valuable in understanding the historical and cultural context.

xi + 191 pages, SBN 372-7, clothbound, $25

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Byzantine Heroic Poetry

David Ricks

This book presents representative examples of Byzantine heroic poetry from the Escorial version of Digenes Akrites and the Armoures, in a bilingual edition. The quality of the poems varies, but they are proof that Eastern Christendom was not without the chansons de geste that we find in the West. Indeed, at their best, in their swift narration, their vigor, the humanity of their characters and their inability to grow old, these Byzantine poems rank with the great works of the West.

192 pages, SBN 498-7, clothbound, $45

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The Greek Poems of C. P. Cavafy
The Canon, the Unissued and "Repudiated" Poems

As Translated by Memas Kolaitis

Memas Kolaitis is the only translator of Cavafy who knew the poet well; his translation reflects this unique perspective. It is near to the original in texture and play on words, and his rhythms approximate those of the poet. First published in 1989, this is an accessible paperback edition of the original complete translation of Cavafy's works.
"[the translation] is spirited, intensely loyal to Cavafy, an act of homage and pleasure too; it brings the reader more close in some respects to his poetry than other translators have done."
-The Times Literary Supplement

Two Volumes Bound in One: 320 pages, SBN 580-0, paperback, $25

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