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Aristide D. Caratzas, Publisher
Melissa International Publications, Ltd.

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From Antiquity to the Renaissance and Major Humanist and Monastery Libraries (3000 DC - AD 1600)

K. Sp. Staikos

This book not only was a catalogue for the exhibition by the same name, but also constitutes a beautifully produced work of reference. In her preface Dr. Marina Lambraki-Plaka, the Director of the National Gallery in Athens, writes:
"[It is a] book written by a fanatical book-lover, who becomes intoxicated at the scent of time [in] manuscripts and incunabula, who plunges into the labyrinths of old libraries as though they were magic gardens...[The] author studied ancient civilizations, visited humanist and monastery libraries and consulted a wide range of bibliographical sources. He enriched it with rare illustrative material, which accompanies his lucid writing and transforms the reading of the book into a pleasant stroll through an imaginary museum."

281 pages, 98 illustrations (215x290 mm), SBN 583-5, hardbound, $35 ($40 after November 30, 1998)
(Distribution title)

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Printers and Printing in the East Indies to 1850

Katherine Smith Diehl

A nine-volume history and bibliography of printing and book publishing in South and Southeast Asia from the earliest appearance of the printing press in that part of the world to the mid-nineteenth century. More than 8500 items, all printed before 1850, have been collated from libraries and archives all over Asia. This is, in fact, a major contribution to the socio-cultural history of South and Southeast Asia.
"[A] unique bibliography. Nothing comparable to it has so far been attempted. After extensive research in Asia and in this country, [Diehl] has managed to bring together the most complete information on printing in Asia before 1850 that exists..."
- Donald L. Lach, University of Chicago

I. Batavia: 1600-1850

This volume deals with works produced in the Dutch East Indies. Since the government exercised a monopoly on all printing in Batavia, publishing reflected strictly the agendas of the colonial elites.

445 pages, 19 illustrations, SBN 390-5, clothbound, $100

II. Europeans and Ceylon, from 1505

Surveys what took place when the British replaced the Dutch in Ceylon. From 1734 to 1796, the Dutch monopoly was in effect. From 1796 to 1850, Ceylon was a British Crown Colony and censorship was negligible.

Approx. 600 pages, SBN 391-3, clothbound, $110

III. Jesuits, Lutherans, and the Printing Press in South India

This volume is devoted to Catholic and Protestant printers in South India from their earliest appearance in the 1550s. .It presents a book-by-book study of technological and cultural change.

Approx 384 pages, SBN 392-1, $100

IV. Bombay Presidency and the Printing Press
SBN 393-X

V. Persian, Arabic, and Urdu Printing in Bengal, from 1778
SBN 394-8

VI. The Press Beyond Calcutta- North and East
SBN 395-6

VII. Scholarship and Education in Bengal
SBN 396-4

VIII. Four Studies: Madrasis, Armenians, Words, Music
SBN 397-2

IX. A Comprehensive and Systematic Bibliography
SBN 398-0

The set of nine volumes, SBN 384-0

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A celebration of Aldus Manutius 500 years after his first dated publication

Edited by David R. Jordan
Former Director, Gennadius Library

VENETIIS M.CCCC.LXXXXV. OCTAVO MARTII-"Venice 1495, the 8th of March." Thus the colophon of the Grammar of Constantinus Lascaris, the first dated book from the Venetian printing house of Aldus Manutius, exactly 500 years ago, and thus the occasion for an exhibition in celebration of Aldus Manutius at the Gennadius Library in Athens.
Romaios kai philellen, he called himself, Romanus et graecorum studiosus. He was in his mid-forties, already a mature scholar, when he founded his press. In the next two decades, until his death in early 1515, he printed and published some sixty Greek books, most of them first editions of the ancient authors he printed. It is to Aldus that we owe the first printed appearances of Plato and Aristotle, of Sophocles and Euripides, of Aristophanes, of Herodotus and Thucydides, of Plutarch and Lucian, of dozens of ancient grammarians, all painstakingly edited from manuscript codices, often with the help of Greek scholars whose families had fled from Constantinople or Crete.
This book/catalogue was produced to accompany the Gennadius Library exhibition. The catalogue includes a listing of 59 Aldine editions, beginning with the Lascaris Grammar and ending with the 1516 edition of Pausanias edited by Marcus Musurus. In addition, there are two chapters, one by Ioanna Phoca titled "Aldus Manutius Philhellene," the other by Dennis E. Rhodes, "Paving the Way for Aldus Manutius: Greek Books Printed in Italy Before 1495" and an extended introduction by Dr. Jordan.

160 pages, SBN 567-3, clothbound, $30.00

David R. Jordan has been Director of the Gennadios Library since 1992, before that he taught Greek at various universities. He co-authored A Lex Sacra from Selinous (GRBM, 11) published in 1993. He has written many articles on ancient magic.

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